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Open Source For You - April  2017

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Table of Contents
Admin - How To
Get the Best Out of MariaDB with Performance Tuning
Developers - Let's Try
Discover the Many Benefits of the Redis Database
Developers - Insight
Choose the Right Database for Your Application
What Does Big Data Mean to You?
PowerShell Open-Sourced!
Admin-Lets Try
An Introduction to Minio
Developers-Lets Try
Processing Big Data Using MongoDB-GridFS
Developers-Lets Try
Developing a React Redux Application Using create-react-app
Developers-Lets Try
The DevOps Series Ansible Deployment of LAMP and WordPress
Developers-Lets Try
Gatling: A Lightweight Load Testing Tool
Developers-Lets Try
Apache Cassandra: The NoSQL Scalable Database
Developers - How To
Digital Wallet Application in App Inventor 2
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