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Open Source For You - May  2017

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Table of Contents
Developers - Let's Try
A Quick Look at Programming with Shell Scripts
Developers - Insight
A Guide to Programming in Perl, PHP and Python
Developers - Insight
Dart: An Easy, Scalable and Multi-purpose Programming Language
For U & Me - Interview
"I built C++ primarily for myself and my colleagues"
For U & Me - Case Study
Vodafone Deploys Open Source to Reduce Vendor Lock-in
Admin - Let's Try
DevOps: Using Ansible to Deploy Cacti for Monitoring
Admin - Let's Try
An Introduction to gRPC
Admin - Overview
Handling Large Files Using Open Source Tools.
Admin - Insight
The Basics of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Admin - Let's Try
Exploring Sinatra This
Developers - Let's Try
Scala: The Powerhouse of Apache Spark
Developers - Let's Try
Qt Programming for HTTP REST Clients
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