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Open Source For You - January  2017

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Table of Contents
Admin - Insight
Docker: A Favourite in the DevOps World
Admin - Lets Try
Run Docker on the Google Cloud Platform
Developers - Overview
Docker Tools that Developers will Find Useful
Admin - How To
Go the DevOps Way with Docker
Admin - Insight
OpenShift: The Fast and Friendly Platform-as-a-Service
Admin - Lets Try
Puppet: The Popular Choice for IT Automation
Admin - Lets Try
Deploying a Jekyll Blog in Docker
Admin - Lets Try
An Introduction to OpenNebula
Admin - Lets Try
LXD: The Pure Container Hypervisor
Developers - How To
rpcgen: The Simple Way to Develop Distributed Applications
Admin - Overview
Linux System Administration: Managing Users and Groups
Admin - Overview
Develop a Tip Calculator Application in App Inventor 2
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