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Open Source For You - November  2019

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Table of Contents
For U & Me - Overview
Using LibreOffice to Increase Business Productivity
For U & Me - Overview
Are Chatbots the Future of all Digital and Non-Digital Businesses?
Developers - Focus
Getting Started with Git and GitHub on Windows
Developers - Focus
Using MinGW for C Programming in Windows
Admin - Focus
Setting Up Apache and PHP in a Windows Development Environment
Open Source India 2019
Open Source India 2019 Where The Industry Met The Community
Admin - Focus
Four Fabulous Open Source Tools for Windows Sysadmins
Developers - Insight
Exploring Clustering Methods in Machine Learning
Admin - Let's Try
Building a Cloud-Agnostic Test Environment with Terraform
DevOps is Taking Over The World
For U & Me - Let's Try
Nnn: This Feature-Rich Terminal File Manager will Enhance Your Productivity
For U & Me - Overview
How AR and VR are Leading to a Better Future
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