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Open Source For You - March  2019

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Table of Contents
Developers - Insight
Create Cross-platform Mobile Apps Using FOSS Tools
For U & Me - Interview
Open Source Can Help India Accelerate Digital Transformation Across Industries, Claims Red Hat
For U & Me - Interview
What’s Next in India for SUSE, the ‘Open, Open Source Company’?
For U & Me - Interview
“There are no ‘road maps’ or rigid rules when it comes to Linux”
Admin - How To
Using Google Authenticator with SSH to Secure Your Servers
Developers - How To
Building a Chatbot in Angular Using Dialogflow
For U & Me - Overview
The Future Of Present Technologies
Admin - Let's Try
Using mmWave to Simulate 5G Networks
Admin - Insight
How Man in the Middle Attacks Cause Damage
The Features and Usefulness of CIAM
A Complete Guide to Python Web Frameworks
What’s New in Java 11?
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